Creating a 3D model with DrawAndRace
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How can I get DrawAndRace?
The beta version of DrawAndRace is available for Mac and PC. 
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Step 1. Click on this button to start creating your 3D model:
Step 2. Draw something on a piece of paper:
Step 3. Take a photo of your drawing and transfer it to your computer. Step 4. Click on the replace graphic button to load your file into the software:
Step 5. Click on this button to start turning your 2D picture into a 3D model: 
DrawAndRace includes a simple editor that lets you create your own 3D models from 2D pictures.  Just download, install and run DrawAndRace on your Mac or PC and then follow the instructions below.
Step 6. Click and drag on the image to place a point in 3D: 
The position of your click determines the x and y components of the point. The distance you drag the cursor before letting go determines its z component.
Step 7. Add 3 points to place a triangle in 3D.  The triangle will automatically be textured with your drawing:
Step 8. Add more triangles to make your 3D model:
Click on this button to view your finished model:
The editor includes a number of tools to help you create your 3D model:
Click and drag on a point to move it Click on an edge to sub-divide the adjacent triangles
Add Triangle
Click and drag 3 times to place a triangle
Click on a triangle to delete it
Click and drag to zoom in and out
Click and drag to pan
Over the coming months, I’ll be adding more features to DrawAndRace.  Next up, they’ll be a new version for the iPad. 
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