The Story
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Page 4
We’ve descended to Avalon via a hole that opened up in a Cambridge college lawn.  Look around you.  You’re in a huge underground cavern beneath the city.  Blink and pinch yourself to check this is for real.
Looking above, you can see windows of light pouring down through the gaping holes in the college lawns.  But the holes are getting smaller.  They’re disappearing. You are now trapped in Avalon.
Chapter 2 - Welcome to Avalon
Chapter 2 - Welcome to Avalon
Page 5
As you fly through Avalon, your senses are overwhelmed.  You enter a seaside cavern.  You can hear the call of seagulls; you can taste the salty air.  Around you is a quaint seaside town.  And in the middle of the cavern, a huge citadel rises from the sea.
But what is that? A single plume of smoke billows from the hillside. Let’s fly closer and take a look...
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