The Story
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London, Oxford and Cambridge
Before you is London.  Look closely.  You can see familiar sites - St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge and the Houses of Parliament.  But this is not the London you know.  Indeed, this is not the world you know.
This is a condensed version our world.  In this world, distances have been reduced.  Despite being in London, the gleaming spires of Oxford and Cambridge are just a stone’s throw away.  Let’s head to Cambridge...
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But now something strange is happening.  There is a noise.  A noise that starts of small, but quickly grows to a loud din. It sounds like chains.  Thousands of huge chains being dragged over metal and stone.
© Copyright RD Merrifield 2015
Chapter 1 - Above Avalon
Feature in this story
Then with a sharp crack, those pristine lawns split open.  The lawns peel back to reveal the entrance to Avalon.
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Chapter 1 - Above Avalon
We’ve arrived in Cambridge.  We silently drift between gleaming spires that stand over those pristine lawns.  Everything is peaceful.  Everything is quiet.  You can hear the crystal clear waters of Trinity fountain.
And then it begins.  The college buildings start to transform.  One-by-one the almighty façades begin to fall into the ground.