The Story
About Avalon
Avalon is a story about the kickstarter generation.  It is also the name of the world where the story takes place.  It follows the attempts of Ruskin, a student at Oxford, to run a successful kickstarter campaign.   Ruskin’s project is called DrawAndRace.  The idea is simple: create an app that lets you turn hand-drawn artwork into a 3D racing game.  Writing the code turns out to be straightforward.  Turning the project into an international phenomenon proves somewhat harder. 3D printing, virtual reality and robotics all feature in this adventure of indie technology.  Along the way, Ruskin discovers the strange world of Avalon and struggles to escape its grasp...  
Thank you for your interest in Avalon and DrawAndRace. Both of these projects rely on new people finding out about them by word-of-mouth.  Please help by telling someone that you think may be interested.  
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